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Posted / 30 Dec 2015

Fashion Resolutions 2015

Being at Love and Bravery is an exhilarating experience - imagine being constantly surrounded by beautiful clothes and stylish inspirations! As 2015 draws to a close, we the team at Love & Bravery decided to reflect on our personal styles and to set a few fashion goals for the upcoming new year: "This year, I got pretty good at sticking to my 2015 goal of buying less but that was because my focus was on my new house. So, for 2016, I hope to con

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If you have yet to know who Nicole Warne is, allow us to introduce you: She is the Australian fashion and beauty writer behind the incredibly popular Gary Pepper Girl. Beginning back in 2009, Nicole Warne launched her very own e-Bay store, specializing in vintage womenswear and accessories called Gary Pepper Vintage. Gary Pepper Vintage quickly evolved into one of the largest online vintage retailers in Australia, boasting an equally loyal followin

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