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Our 5 favourite looks from Gary Pepper Girl
Posted / 29 Dec 2015

Our 5 favourite looks from Gary Pepper Girl

If you have yet to know who Nicole Warne is, allow us to introduce you: She is the Australian fashion and beauty writer behind the incredibly popular Gary Pepper Girl.

Beginning back in 2009, Nicole Warne launched her very own e-Bay store, specializing in vintage womenswear and accessories called Gary Pepper Vintage. Gary Pepper Vintage quickly evolved into one of the largest online vintage retailers in Australia, boasting an equally loyal following on its social media platforms and fashion blog. Nicole is highly regarded in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, and e-commerce, collaborating with brands as a creative director, social media and brand consultant, model, digital influencer and ambassador. We’ve long admired and adored Warne’s effortlessly chic style, but also her ability to be multi-talented in achieving pristine quality in the fields of fashion, digital and social media. Below are 5 of our favorite looks from the famous Nicole Warne and some alternatives to be up styling like a true blue Gary Pepper Girl.

1. Lace It Up

We love how elegant yet simple this look is-with a tinge of sex appeal but keeping it modest all together! Nicole Warne smashes this white outfit with a long sleeve lace top, keeping it modest with a black top under. Pairing it with a long flare pants that gives off a vintage unique style. One huge tip for switching up the typical dress outfit- try pairing a wide leg pant with a feminine top. Like how Nicole does it best, lace is the perfect feminine element you can add to any outfit. If you are a lover of lace, this look is perfect for bridal parties and weddings. Just be careful of rocking a full white bodysuit- you wouldn’t want to steal the limelight from the bride!

2. Dress Over Pants Look

This dress over pants trend can be said to be a controversial bold fashion statement, and while it may appear to be a man-repelling choice to pair a long outer garment with pants, Nicole Warne pulls off this tricky combination situation as the chicest of its kind. Not only is this look work to party perfect, it also is casual and comfortable. You would not need to fret over the fuss of a skirt getting in the way- with pants underneath you can conquer anything! We also love how flexible and versatile this look is- you can mix and match it from prints, sheer dresses, sweater dress to even leather pants.

3. Stripes On Stripes