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Loving Life With Annabel Tan
Posted / 1 Jul 2017

Loving Life With Annabel Tan

Doe-eyed and lanky, freelance PR and Communications consultant Annabel Tan is every bit the beauty queen. The 1st Runner Up of Miss Singapore Universe 2010, and winnner of Female 50 Gorgeous People carries herself with effortless elegance. But what endears us is her effervescent nature and zest for life. Her eclectic personal style is refreshing: this fresh faced beauty confesses she's more of a sneakers than heels kind of girl any given day. Read on for her musings on life, fashion, and marriage.

What's your occupation?
I'm a freelance PR & Communications consultant and recently got my cert in Aromatherapy!

What's your life philosophy?
Live loving, love living, & make time to play like a child.

What's your daily uniform?
In my teens, I was a maverick with my wardrobe and loved experimenting. Now I pendulum from bolts of prints & colours to monochrome drapes and asymmetrical designs depending on my vibe for the day, or how much of a hurry I'm in!


Who's your inspiration?
Unseen/unsung heroes that I look out for daily. Youth, the passionate, hardworking kind. And I try to be as crazy in love as Jesus & run-the-world like Beyonce.

Moto for life?
The day you stop humbling yourself to learn, and freeing yourself to play, is the day you stagnate and age.

Scariest thing I've ever done...
To get married. LOL I know some girls dream of their wedding day all their lives and plan every detail to perfection, but to me, the thought of surrendering your freedom to someone else and to love each other "till death do you part", that's a frightful notion! Still is. Hahaha (I love you husband!) If that's too candid, another scary thing is quitting a stable job to experience the new & unknown.

Best decision ever...
Getting married and quitting a stable job to experience the new and unknown. Both character and faith building at it's finest.

People don't know this about me but...
I blush really easily. It's a recent development but I turn red at the slightest laugh, embarrassment or annoyance and it's highly entertaining when friends notice. I'm probably blushing telling you this right now.

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