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Christmas With Sara Wee
Posted / 20 Dec 2017

Christmas With Sara Wee

With more than 14 years of singing experience under her belt, Sara Wee is not an unfamiliar name in the local music scene. Apart from being the lead vocalist and guitarist of Singapore's prominent band, 53A, Sara is also a certified yoga instructor and Nike Training Club assistant trainer. Despite having to juggle various roles, Sara's lively personality and vigour never seem to cease. Let's find out more about this bubbly songbird, and do check out our short video clip of Sara's impeccable vocals as well!

Share with us how's your typical day like.
Every day is an adventure for me because no two days are ever the same! haha most days run about 12 - 14 hours long for me because I start teaching or have rehearsals from as early as 9am and work all the way till I finish my gig at night around 12am.

That's quite a bit for a day! Why did you decide to take up yoga and yoga teacher training course?
I've always been working out since I was a student and I started to really get into HIIT training when I was 24/25, then one day my best friend Anabel bought me a yoga app to try (because I used to imitate her poses just to annoy her and she was so done with me) and I realised I really loved the movements and flow of it. Then I met Jessica Sinclair and the rest is history.

Can you tell us the story behind 53A and what does 53A represent?
53A started 14 years ago as Sara & Alvin, a Jazz duo that played at really random pubs and hotels. We then went on to start playing as an acoustic pop duo and things just kept building and building and here we are 14 years later as a 5 piece band. 53A is actually an actual unit number along Haji Lane where we used to rehearse and record demos!

53A has been performing gigs for 14 years, so you must have a long list of favourite Christmas songs. What's your top favourite?
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting); Such a classic.

What's the greatest challenge you have faced?
Singing with a constantly blocked nose for 3 years. I had Chronic Rhinosinusitis and finally got it fixed at the start of the year!

If there is a piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to pursue a career in the art industry, what would it be?
Know your worth, it's very important to have confidence in your craft and what you have to offer.

Tell us something about yourself that we don't know.
I spend a lot (read: too much) of my free time watching animal rescue/homecoming soldier videos and crying like a baby in front of the laptop.

Besides singing and yoga, is there anything else you have ever thought of learning?
I actually want to learn how to care for neonatal kittens.

Who is/are your inspiration(s)?
My sister, Julia.

What is your favourite Love & Bravery outfit and why?
I HAVE TOO MANY FAVOURITES HOW DO I CHOOSE?? I can't live without my ripped black jeggings (Mikail Torn Jeggings Black).

Any words to live by?
Paul McCartney once said "I don't work at being ordinary", and I agree.


Christmas With Sara Wee - Sleigh Ride from Love & Bravery on Vimeo.

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Outfits Featured:
Belinda Square Neck Sheath Dress
Ramona Pleated Linework Playsuit
Mikail Torn Jeggings
Thyra Toga Top
Thalia Lace Jumpsuit
Kancy Lace Highneck Dress

Location Credit: The Yoga Mandala