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Our Guide To Festive Dressing For Every Body Shape
Posted / 16 Jan 2018

Our Guide To Festive Dressing For Every Body Shape

Throw out the notion of a Cheongsam as a figure-hugging silhouette with high slits that are impractical for everyday wear. This year, we've changed the game by marrying flattering cuts and chinoiserie details, transforming the traditional Cheongsam into a contemporary chic dress.

Read on to find out which silhouette best suits your body type!

- You carry the most weight through your bust and mid-section
- Your hips are narrower than your bust
- You have thinner arms and legs

Tops: Flare tops are perfect for hiding your mid-section, while v-necks and plunging necklines draw attention to your bust and away from your waistline. Also do avoid materials that cling to your mid-section.
Bottoms: If you're wearing a flare top, balance out the breezy silhouette with skinny pants that are great for elongating your silhouette.
Dresses: Opt for knee-length shifts that flaunt those legs! A-line styles are great for curvy apples.

We recommend these A-Line Shift Dresses:
Carmela Embroidered Shift Dress
Eiley Brocade Shift Dress

- Your waist is larger than your bust
- You tend to have wider hips
- You have proportionately slim arms and shoulders

Tops: Play up your more slender upper body with bold printed tops and tops with dramatic silhouettes.
Bottoms: While you're having fun with fun printed tops, it’s a good idea to choose more subtle and dark colors on the bottom.
Dresses: Opt for fit and flare dresses to slenderise your hips and thighs.

We recommend these fit and flare Dresses:
Maude Flutter Sleeve Cheongsam
Paulina Embroidered Flare Cheongsam
Bridget Lace Cheongsam

- Your shoulders and hip measurements are roughly even
- Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
- Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body

Tops: Draw attention to your defined shoulders and waist with halter styles.
Bottoms: If you’re on the petite style, you can balance your frame with flowy and wide-leg styles, gathered waists.
Dresses: If you've a shorter torso, opt for dropwaist styles in a short length to elongate your frame.

We recommend these Dropwaist Dresses:
Gaia Dropwaist Tweed Cheongsam
Audie Dropwaist Brocade Dress
Allysa Dropwaist Brocade Cheongsam

- Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
- You have a well-defined waist
- You are curvy

Tops: Opt for necklines that draw attention to your décolletage and bust — try boatneck, V-neck, scooped or sweetheart necklines.
Bottoms: Pencil, flared and short skater skirts all look great on your curves.
Dresses: Form-fitting dresses that nip in at the waist.

We recommend these fitted Sheath Dresses:
Meryl Floral Crochet Cheongsam
Renae Halter Lace Cheongsam
Theia Brocade Cheongsam