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An Intimate Wedding In Brittany, France
Posted / 9 Mar 2018

An Intimate Wedding In Brittany, France

There may not be such a thing as a glitch-free wedding planning, but it's important to enjoy every step of the planning process and of course, every moment of the big day itself. Today's feature is about our customer, Sonia Mao and her intimate wedding in Brittany, France. Read on to find out more about her intimate affair, including what Love & Bravery bridesmaid dresses she chose for her lovely bridesmaids.

Your wedding looks beautiful and intimate, Sonia! Why did you choose to hold your wedding in France?
The date for the celebration was chosen to coincide with my grandmother’s 90th birthday. As she can no longer travel for medical reasons, we decided to bring the party to her instead in one of our favourite regions where we have plenty of close relatives, Brittany.

Share with us about your wedding theme and choices of bridesmaid dresses.
The theme of the wedding was really about beauty in simplicity, to be a true reflection of my partner and myself. I wanted to pick designs that would flatter each bridesmaid, and also weren’t too formal so that they could be worn again on more casual occasions. Blue simply because it goes great with all skin tones!

Tell us more about having an intimate wedding abroad. Are there any challenges you faced while planning for your wedding?
Definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. The venue selected was in a little town where a) no one used email, and b) no one spoke English. It was next to impossible to plan remotely. Thankfully, the host of the Airbnb I was renting out for the weekend was extremely helpful in giving us suggestions regarding vendor contacts, and my mother was based in France at the time and could assist with making the necessary phone calls. My sister as well was an enormous help in researching for caterers - we managed to pull off a private crepe party made at our place one evening! For anyone else interested in having an overseas wedding - I highly recommend the help of a local wedding planner if you’re not a native speaker or based locally. Potentially pricey, but definitely worth it to preserve your sanity.

If you were to describe your wedding or sum it up in a sentence, what would it be?

Lastly, any tips or advice for other brides-to-be?
Don’t stress too much and enjoy the day. :) Outsource as much as you can to friends, family and vendors! It’s never about extravagant decor, or how well-planned the itinerary is. Stick to your budget, and don’t be shy about asking people to chip in! As our party was held over four days, we gifted our guests two beautiful meals and the accommodation, but friends very happily contributed 80 euros each for the rest of the meals. The party was simple, but full of love. We created memories that will last a lifetime for myself, my partner, my grandmother and my nearest and dearest.

Outfits Featured:
Sage Faux Wrap Dress
Misa Offshoulder Midi Dress
Renesme Split Hem Maxi DRess

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