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Home with Melody Chen
Posted / 10 May 2018

Home with Melody Chen

This Mother’s Day, we feature Singaporean actress and newly minted mother, Melody Chen. Her story of overcoming miscarriage and failed in-vitro fertilisation to become a mother of twins at 40, is one that is truly inspiring and brings hope.

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant. And how did you break the news to Randall?
I was definitely surprised. It took me a long time to believe it. It even took me awhile to tell Randall as there was no opportune time to do so. We couldn’t sleep that night! We went through IVF and that was our last try to have a baby. And we told ourselves that if that didn’t work it’s fine. We will travel the world and it’s okay.

We couldn’t believe it. We kept asking ourselves “ How did that happen? ” It was slowly sinking in that we were possibly going to be parents. We went through a few miscarriages in the past so we just decided to let things be for the first 3 months and not get too happy. But we are very blessed.

What do you love most about pregnancy and motherhood?

I had a very short period to be pregnant cause the babies came out early. But definitely for that short period I was pregnant I enjoyed every bit of it. Knowing they were inside and when they started kicking but I loved the fact that I was growing 2 things inside of me. And they were just fighting for space as they grew bigger and bigger.

Motherhood in the last several months has been very fulfilling when you know you’re responsible for 2 human beings. When you look into their faces and they’re smiling at you, it’s an indescribable emotion knowing that these 2 are your children and will love you no matter what. This is the undisputed love we will have as a family for life.


Any advice for mothers-to-be especially those bearing twins?
It’s so trying at times that you feel like giving up but we just have to put on our big mama pants and just do it. It’s going to be tough but we’ll get through it. Life will spring many surprises. But if God gives me 2 I’m sure there’s a way I can handle both. It may seem impossible but I believe we will all find a way. Just hang in there and it’ll get better. Before you know it you will miss their newborn stage.

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